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Post  [NWA]Ice_Cube on Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:38 pm

Kilo Tray Ballas

Rules ---------

1.Street dogs dont call no cops.So dont be a snitch fool!!!

2.Show respect to ur gang leader!

3.Always be down for ur hood and for missions!

4.No beef with ur homies!

5.Always watch ur homies back!

6.Dont teamkill or ur out from the gang, boy, and if u tell someone our plans for future, ur




5.Avenue Gangsta'

4.Balla Souljah'


2.Baby Balla'


Story about our gang--------------

The Kilo Tray Ballas is a street gang from Glen Park (Kelly Park), Ganton (Comtpon), San

Andreas (California). previously known as the Kilo Tray Hustlers. They have been described as

"dangerous and ruthless gangsters with no respect for the law" by police officers.[1] Gangsta

rap artists Eazy-E,Lil Eazy-E,MC Ren, Tweedy Bird Loc, and Lil Nation of CPO were among

their members. AWOL, Crip Inch, Do Or Die, K-Tone,& Sin Loc from the Nationwide Rip Ridaz

was also affiliated with the gang before their death. In 1969, a Los Santos youth named

Raymond Washington, 15, organized a group of other neighborhood youths and started a gang

called the Baby Avenues. The Baby Avenues wanted to emulate a gang of older youths who

had been involved in gang activity since 1964 and provided minor crimes for the Black

Panthers of Los Santos. This gang was called the Avenue Boys since they claimed their turf on

Los Flores in East Los Santos. Raymond Washington, along with Stanley "Tookie" Williams and

several other gang members from the Baby Avenues Gang were fascinated with the hype of the

Black Panthers and they wanted to develop the Baby Avenues gang into a larger force. The

Baby Avenues Gang began using the name Avenues Ballas since members lived on the

avenue (Central Avenue). Balla members would wear purple scarves (now called bandannas)

around their necks or heads. The color purple became their representative color.

In 1971, the use of the word 'Balla' had become so common among the Avenues Ballas that it

became an acceptable name for the gang. Meanwhile, Raymond Washington and his collection

of young gang members influenced other area youth gangs resulting in the formation of many

Balla sets. Some of these sets included Avalon Garden Ballas, Eastside Ballas, Idlewood

Ballas and Westside Ballas. Ballas gangs were violent and constantly expanded their turf.

Because of their aggression, several rival gangs joined forces as a gang collective called the

Bloods. They adopted the color Red as their representative color. A fierce rivalry between

these two gangs existed throughout the 1970's and 80's. By the early 1980's, Crips gangs were

heavily involved in the drug trade that they commenced an expansion throughout the United

States to sell a new drug product called "Crack". Throughout the 1980's and 1990's the Ballas

developed intricate networks and a respected reputation with other gangs across America and

neighboring countries.


During the 1980's, several Ballas gangs (and Bloods) developed in a Central American Country

known as Belize (formerly British Honduras). These gangsters migrated heavily to the United

States during the late 1980's, especially throughout the West Coast and East Coast States like

Liberty City, New Jersey, Vice City, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. In 1989,

several large Belizean families arrived in Liberty City in the neighborhood of Harlem. The youth

from these families, and some adults, were members of the Ballas Gang in Belize. They

created the Harlem Mafia Ballas in Liberty City and helped establish several other Balla gangs

such as the Rolling 30's Ballass, 92 Hoover Ballas and Rolling 60's Ballas by 1995. During the

late 1990's, Balla gangs were well established in Liberty City, New Jersey, North Carolina,

Georgia, Connecticut, Vice City, Pennsylvania and other East Coast regions.

Balla members initiate into the gang by committing a crime in front of gang witnesses. The

initiation process is called 'Ball'ing'-In. Female members have the option to commit a crime or

become Sexed-In (Sex with several older members). Ballas on the East Coast wear purple and

clear beads or purple and white beads around their neck but mostly purple jeans and a white

shirt. East Coast Ballas affiliate with the Folk Nation gangs and have adopted the Folk Nation

Symbols. They are enemies with the Bloods.

Wanna join us? come to me and we will RP it out, or

what is: RK, DM, KOS, CP, SK

Territory and HQ ----------

Glen Park, Interior: Ryders Place : ID 2

Car ID's --------------

Vehicle ID: 466
Vehicle ID: 566
Vehicle Name: Tahoma Color ID: 7 7
Category: Lowriders
Modifications: Loco Low Co


Vehicle ID: 567
Vehicle Name: Savanna Color ID: 7 7
Category: Lowriders
Modifications: Loco Low Co


VehicleID: 404
Vehicle Name: Perenniel Color ID: 7 7
Category: Station Wagons
Modifications: Transfender


Skin ID's----------------------

Skin no1: 109

Skin no2(girl skin): 13

Skin no3: 28

Skin no4: 107

Skin no5: 108

Skin no6: only kingpin : 296

hope u like it! Smile Very Happy


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