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Post  [NWA]GrannyG Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:46 am

if you happen to have a problem with how I admin don't just constantly give me remarks in the game about that,I might be eating,I might be drinkin,I might not be paying attention to the chat,I might not even be in the game,there is a complaints forum for things like that,open a topic and I will discuss with you there as long as you like,thanks.And if you think it's easy to do the job like I do it go ahead and try that,I'm just tryin to be as unbiased as I can towards everyone,if there was a programm on the server that deals with people who break the rules it wouldn't turn a blind eye on someone just cause it's his friend and that's how a good admin should act,treating everyone equally fair.

just a request 6bONS

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