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[NWA]Cyclope admin apply

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[NWA]Cyclope admin apply

Post  [NWA]Hannes on Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:14 pm

[NWA]Cyclope wrote:could i please be an admin. i will not use my power for bad means .and i can recoknize a cheater sooo please can i be an admin !!!!!!!!!!!

[NWA]Ali_G wrote:I say u can but only if u promise not to use /god cmd and to use /slap /explode only on hackers,anyway i suggest Hannes to give u a week period and see if u can live to that promise.
PS:Hannes move this to off topic pls,thats y u are moderator. =P

[NWA]Adam0795 wrote:Some time ago u said there is too many admins and hannes shouldnt make any1 amdin xd

[NWA]Ali_G wrote:Yea well now i think maybe its better to give them a chance.

And move this to appropriate forum pls!!!!Thats y u are moderators.

[NWA]Cyclope wrote:k i can use those cmd on hackers expet that god cmd i think it is not interesting if you are in god mode

Lol ali how to move a topic? Tell me on msn.. send a screenie xd

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